Summer 2016 Issue

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
by Linda J Thomas

In late summer in New England, we hold on to recent memories of colorful landscapes and other warm-weather scenes. In the Summer 2016 Issue of New England Memories, Kristina England and Barbara Newton share their beautiful artwork to add to our own collection of remembered images.

Tina Rapp writes about her first house (“the love cottage”) and its lush gardens, and Ann Robinson pays tribute to her family’s antique house that raised yet another generation of New Englanders. In her poem, “Silent Words,” Jodi C. Williams remembers a grandfather whose words were few but cherished. And Eric Poor shares his thoughts on practicality, rurality, and civic duty.

Thank you to these talented contributors for sharing their work with New England Memories as it marks its one year anniversary! We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear from you on this post’s page in the comments section.

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press


by Kristina England

The Scent of Cinnamon Roses
by Tina Rapp

Silent Words
by Jodi C. Williams

by Barbara Newton

by Ann Robinson

by Eric Poor

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