Fall 2016 Issue

Mountaintop view, New Hampshire
by Linda J Thomas

Welcome to the Fall 2016 Issue of New England Memories as we say good-bye to November. We aptly begin with Parker Towle’s poem, “Remembrance” in which he portrays a family’s gathering on Thanksgiving, as it has gathered for generations. In her essay “Rocks and Roots,” Janet Banks takes us up a frightening, yet life-affirming mountainside in New Hampshire in late October.

The vivid colors and textures of this season are captured by David Thomas in his photographs of the Gloucester, Massachusetts seacoast. And in “Mast Year,” abundant acorns remind poet Deborah Murphy of a box of buttons from her childhood.

I encourage you to read Tom Sheehan’s essay “Talk from the Back of Tim’s Barn” aloud. Not only will you hear the sights, sounds, and stories of an aging Maine barn, you will also hear the music of Tom Sheehan’s words.

We end this issue with Tom Sacramona’s two haiku about Concord, Massachusetts, in which he conveys so much with so few words.

Thank you to these talented contributors for sharing their work with New England Memories. We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear from you on this post’s page in the comments section.

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press


Gloucester, Massachusetts
Photograph by David Thomas

by Parker Towle

Rocks and Roots
by Janet Banks

by David Thomas

Mast Year
by Deborah Murphy

Talk from the Back of Tim’s Barn
by Tom Sheehan

Two Haiku
by Tom Sacramona

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