Winter 2017 Issue

Welcome to the Winter 2017 Issue of New England Memories. The month of March has come in like a lion, with a forecast for night-time temperatures in the single digits this weekend in New Hampshire. It is indeed still winter!

Many thanks to the talented writers who contributed to this wintry issue: Parker Towle, Mary Elizabeth McClellan, Ann B. Day, and Nori Odoi. They share their stories of driving over icy mountains, leaving the driving to someone else,  trekking to the barn in sub-zero temperatures, and walking—sometimes hip deep—in snow. And thank you to Martha Andrews Donovan who shares the magic of the Maine seascape in her striking photographs.

We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear from you on this post’s page in the comments section.

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press


Lopaus Point Road, Bernard, Maine
Photograph by Martha Andrews Donovan

New Hampshire Notches in December
by Parker Towle

My New World Without a Car
by Mary Elizabeth McClellan

by Martha Andrews Donovan

Winter Chores
by Ann B. Day

On Walking Through the Woods
in Deep Snow
During a Blizzard
Wearing Sneakers

by Nori Odoi

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