Fall 2017 Issue

Pumpkin race
Photograph by Linda J Thomas

Welcome to the Fall 2017 Issue of New England Memories. After a hiatus during the spring and summer of this year, the magazine is back with prose, poetry, and photography to celebrate the autumn season. Thank you to Ann B. Day for sharing both her beautiful writing and photography in this issue and to J.C. Elkin, Rodger Martin, and Irma Haggerty for sharing their wonderful writing.

We hope you enjoy reading their work as you prepare for another holiday season of making memories. We would love to hear from you on this post’s page in the comments section.

Why the hiatus? Yes, the editor (moi) took time off to enjoy the warmer weather, gardening, photography, and trips to Vermont and Maine.

In addition, New England Memories is changing from a quarterly magazine to a biannual magazine (spring and fall) to provide more time between issues for submissions. We’ll see you again in the spring of 2018!

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press


Photograph by Ann B. Day

Home Concert
by Ann B. Day

Foliage Tour
by J.C. Elkin

by Ann B. Day

East Boothbay
by Rodger Martin

Kayaking Streeter Pond: Seasonal Rentals
by Irma Haggerty

2 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Issue

  1. Linda: The selections are just right for our very different Fall 2017 season. Each photograph and essay tell a different story of the last months of the year. JC Elgin’s gentle travel log of chasing the foliage and an excellent description of how and why the leaves change is nicely done.
    Roger’s piece about East Boothbay is a powerful contrast to the softness of fall. I remember Boothbay of the 1940’s with the wrecked and half-sunken ships: “the oozing of the mud” and the putrid smell of low tide. Roger has captured this so well right down to the last two lines.
    Irma’s Seasonal Rentals brings us to the remains of the winter season and peaceful quiet of Streeter Pond, which could be any pond that we might remember. Her words and descriptions are original and vivid. “Adirondack chairs gray as spit curls pinned by the aproned woman.” Beautiful images.

  2. Hi Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed the issue. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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