Spring 2018 Issue

Lupine blossoms in New Hampshire
Photograph by Linda J Thomas

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Issue of New England Memories, which is dedicated to the memory of Nori Odoi. Nori was a gifted writer, poet, and contributor to past issues of this magazine. I will miss her creative spirit and friendship.

The writing and photography in this issue take us from the spring thaw at rivers and lakes to a first taste of the ripening summer. Many thanks to the generous contributors who share their work here: Parker Towle, Rodger Martin, Yvona Fast, Gina Di Cicco Marino, Theresa Hickey, Carl Mabbs-Zeno, and Sherry Jennings. And thank you also to Bob Meagher for his proofreading skills.

We hope you enjoy this issue! We would love to hear from you on this post’s page in the comments section.

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press


Lilacs in Glass Pitcher
Photograph by Gina Di Cicco Marino

Spring Thaw at River’s Edge
by Parker Towle

One Who Stands Alone
by Rodger Martin

Mud Season
by Yvona Fast

by Gina Di Cicco Marino

Gray Day
by Theresa Hickey

The Golden Fungus and Other Mysteries
by Carl Mabbs-Zeno

by Parker Towle

The Gift
by Sherry Jennings

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