New creative nonfiction & call for submissions

Spring on the inside
Photograph by Linda J Thomas

Happy 2020 from New England Memories! We said farewell to 2019 with new poetry–Parker Towle’s “Sugarloaf Descent,” Ann B. Day’s “One Last Sweet Breath,” and Yvona Fast’s “Dormant Stillness.”

We also published a humorous memoir essay by first-time contributor Jesseca P. Timmons, titled “Agatha” about two sisters, four turkeys, and one “sonofabitch” dog named Louis.

To begin 2020, we’re featuring a memoir essay titled “Gertrude’s Gifts” by Jennifer E. Tirrell. This lovely essay about family and belonging is Jennifer’s first contribution to New England Memories.

I would love to see more submissions in essay form about childhood memories, similar to Jesseca’s and Jennifer’s essays. What favorite memory of a family member, childhood friend, or pet could you share with New England Memories?

My grateful thanks to our latest contributors for sharing their work with New England Memories.

Wishing you the best of memories,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press



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