New work published at New England Memories

Wallis Sands Beach, New Hampshire
Photograph by Linda J Thomas

I’m pleased to announce new work in New England Memories in which three writers eloquently guide us—to the shore of the multi-natured sea, or through ripening orchards, or to blueberry fields—as they share their memories and reflections.

Berith Aargh Hogan shares her story of family, loss, and solace in her lyrical essay “They, Me & the Sea.”

Theresa Hickey’s poems “Dappled Days” and “Of Water and Sea” show us awe, comfort, and strength found in nature’s land and sea.

Elaine Reardon’s poem “Nan” invites us into family traditions across cultures, and the gifts they bring.

I know this is a challenging summer for all of us as we cope the best we can during the COVID-19 pandemic. So I’m especially grateful to Berith, Theresa, and Elaine for the time and creative energy they gave to share their work with New England Memories.

We hope you enjoy reading their work. And we hope it brings you inspiration during these daunting days.

Take care,

Linda Thomas, Editor
Pine Siskin Press

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