New essay & poem at New England Memories

As spring arrives and we venture out into our communities again, I’m happy to announce new work at New England Memories: A memoir essay titled “Adams Street, Springfield, MA” by first-time contributor Robert S. McCarthy The poem, “Lake Host” from first-time contributor Brenna Manuel Thank you to Robert and Brenna for sharing their work! PleaseContinue reading “New essay & poem at New England Memories”

Adams Street, Springfield, MA

by Robert S. McCarthy I figured Adams Street and the South End were just fond memories. I was mistaken. Adams Street in the primarily Italian South End runs northeast three city blocks from Main Street to Ashmun Street. Joe Morello, later the drummer for The Dave Brubeck Quarter, was raised there, but I remember itContinue reading “Adams Street, Springfield, MA”

New prose & poetry at New England Memories

I’m pleased to welcome Leslie Vogel and Linda Warren to the list of contributors to New England Memories with Leslie’s essay “Climbing Mount Monadnock” and Linda’s poem “Great Blue Heron on the Swift River.” Also, Elaine Reardon has added to her work at the site with two poems: “Winter Sounds” and “Easter Cherog.” As I writeContinue reading “New prose & poetry at New England Memories”