Great Blue Heron on the Swift River

by Linda Warren I vexed a Great Blue Heron as I walked the path along the catch-and-release section of this stream that flows year round, gift of the accidental wilderness around the reservoir that quenches Boston. She didn’t move far, just to another fallen log, an easy pebble toss from where I stood. She lookedContinue reading “Great Blue Heron on the Swift River”

New work published at New England Memories

I’m pleased to announce new work in New England Memories in which three writers eloquently guide us—to the shore of the multi-natured sea, or through ripening orchards, or to blueberry fields—as they share their memories and reflections. Berith Aargh Hogan shares her story of family, loss, and solace in her lyrical essay “They, Me &Continue reading “New work published at New England Memories”

They, Me & the Sea

by Berith Arragh Hogan Since first the ticks of time recorded me in attendance I have made a yearly pilgrimage to Cape Ann on Massachusetts’s rocky North Shore – on some lucky, and some sad, occasions the trip has exceeded the yearly dictate. Funerals, weddings, Thanksgivings, spring breaks, and deathbeds dot the calendar in between.Continue reading “They, Me & the Sea”