Brenna Manuel, Contributors

Brenna Manuel

Brenna Manuel’s childhood education began with reading Dick, Jane and Sally and ended with watching riots in Detroit. In 1971, she packed a large box and headed to the Northwest to see the Noguchi sculpture on the college campus. Her focus on academics waned, and she began visiting Indian reservations and canning beets. Nine years later, she received her B.F.A. in painting and moved to Brooklyn. She put up sheet rock and fought legal battles, and eventually got her M.F.A. in Sculpture from the City University of New York. She occasionally writes stories and poems in New Hampshire now, and she teaches college kids.

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Contributors, Robert S. McCarthy

Robert S. McCarthy

Robert S. McCarthy was raised in western Massachusetts and lived there for most of his life except for time in military service and graduate school. In the 1970s, he began freelance writing, initially writing video scripts and later articles for regional magazines.

During the ensuing years, he also worked in house for regional manufacturers and as assistant editor and then editor for business magazines. Robert also has an extensive portfolio of collateral materials he developed for clients.

He has lived in southwest Florida since 2012. View his LinkedIn profile at:

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Contributors, Leslie Vogel

Leslie Vogel

Leslie Vogel lives in Greenfield New Hampshire with her husband and partner, Fred Simmons. With their home organization, Folksoul Music, they have been bringing music of all kinds to the communities of the Monadnock Region and beyond for the past three decades.

As a child she spent summers with her family at the back end of Gregg Lake in Antrim where her parents built a rudimentary cabin. This was the beginning of her love for all things in nature.

When not actively playing music, Leslie spends her quiet time writing prose and poetry as part of an ongoing journal about life in New England.

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Berith Arragh Hogan, Contributors

Berith Arragh Hogan

Berith Arragh Hogan is a writer, a wife, and a mother raising her children alongside her husband in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her first love in both reading and writing is realistic fiction, though she also very much appreciates the unique emotional outlet afforded by the personal essay. She is drawn to approaching personal essays with a similar language and structure as her fiction writing – finding a balm in applying metaphor and symbolism in the processing and retelling of her personal traumas. She is nearing completion of her first novel – but taking plenty of breaks to enjoy the more timely rewards of short-stories, essays, and poetry. More of her work is available at

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Contributors, Elaine Reardon

Elaine Reardon

Elaine Reardon is a poet and herbalist. Her first chapbook, The Heart is a Nursery For Hope, won first honors from Flutter Press in 2016. Her second chapbook, Look Behind You, 2019, is about her family’s journey from immigration to assimilation.  Most recently Elaine’s writing was published by Pensive Journal, Naugatuck Journal, and several anthologies. Visit her website at

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Contributors, Jennifer E. Tirrell

Jennifer E. Tirrell

With over 25 years of voluntary sector experience, Jennifer E. Tirrell has worked alongside many wonderful individuals serving the underserved across the United States and beyond, as well as numerous community organizations. She has planned and facilitated women’s studies and retreats, worked with youth groups and currently keeps company with a wonderful group of middle school age kids as their Assistant Running Coach. She loves to write and has hosted and encouraged groups in her home and community. You can learn more about Jennifer at her website:

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