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Karen Hope

Karen Hope is a hobbyist photographer and mother of three, who lives in New Hampshire. She credits her Dad for her love of photography. He bought Karen her first camera and they spent Saturdays visiting yard sales and photographing all the beauty of local towns. Karen began portrait photography practice when she had her first child 16 years ago. You can view her photography page on Facebook at Karen Jean Photography.

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Karen Hope, Photography

Seasons of New England

Photography by Karen Hope

Spring in New England brings us the tradition of maple sugaring, and maple syrup to our tables. Karen Hope captures that tradition in her striking collage of photographs taken at Woodward’s Sugar House in New Hampshire. She also shares images of farm animals, barn boards, and a weathered gate that all say “at home in New England.”


Woodward’s Sugar House in Surry, New Hampshire
Photograph by Karen Hope



Goats at The Friendly Farm in Dublin, New Hampshire
Photograph by Karen Hope



Weathered barn boards in Marlborough, New Hampshire
Photograph by Karen Hope



Rusty gate, Peterborough, New Hampshire
Photograph by Karen Hope