Fall 2016 Issue

Welcome to the Fall 2016 Issue of New England Memories as we say good-bye to November. We aptly begin with Parker Towle’s poem, “Remembrance” in which he portrays a family’s gathering on Thanksgiving, as it has gathered for generations. In her essay “Rocks and Roots,” Janet Banks takes us up a frightening, yet life-affirming mountainsideContinue reading “Fall 2016 Issue”

Summer 2016 Issue

In late summer in New England, we hold on to recent memories of colorful landscapes and other warm-weather scenes. In the Summer 2016 Issue of New England Memories, Kristina England and Barbara Newton share their beautiful artwork to add to our own collection of remembered images. Tina Rapp writes about her first house (“the love cottage”) and its lushContinue reading “Summer 2016 Issue”

Spring 2016 Issue

Spring has arrived in New England, along with the Spring 2016 Issue of New England Memories. Many thanks to all of our contributors! Rodger Martin captures the promise of renewed life that dwells in the lingering cold of April in his poem “New Hampshire Scallion.” Marilyn Weymouth Seguin and Lori Douglas Clark take us withContinue reading “Spring 2016 Issue”

Winter 2016 Issue

In the second issue of New England Memories, Tom Sheehan writes about a special, “lip-smacking” Saturday collecting quahogs on Nahant Beach in Saugus, Massachusetts. We hope his story brings back some of your own memories of a day at the beach to warm you during this cold, New England winter. Cynthia Close, Stephanie Minteer, andContinue reading “Winter 2016 Issue”

Fall 2015 Issue

Welcome to the Fall 2015 debut of New England Memories magazine. I would like to give special thanks to the first contributors to New England Memories: Margaret Hawthorn, Susan Murata, Jamie Colburn, Sue Ellen Snape, and Stephanie Minteer. Without their work, this magazine would not be possible. We hope you will enjoy their memories ofContinue reading “Fall 2015 Issue”