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Theresa Hickey

A native Bostonian, Theresa Hickey has written two chapbooks of poems, Raising the Child and Sighs of a Gracious Nature. Her third book of poems, To Life, is nearing completion. Her poetry and essays have received favorable reviews by the Italian-American Press. One of her poems, “Words” received an honorable mention in an event sponsored by Ave Maria University and Notre Dame’s Faith ND published another. “Golden Days” received a Naples Magazine “Enny” writers award (FL). The Sextant and other journals have published her work.

Many of Theresa’s poems reflect her love for the coastal, woodland and mountainous regions of New England—places that broaden her perspectives and inspire the sacred. Married for fifty-three years, the mother of four children and grandmother of five, she is retired from Salem State University in Massachusetts where she was an administrator, promoting hundreds of productions sponsored by the Center for Creative and Performing Arts.

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Poetry, Theresa Hickey

Gray Day

by Theresa Hickey

Raindrops chime against
a metal watering can left outdoors
among seedlings, yet to be planted;
unopened bags of loam
lie neglected,
stacked obelisks awaiting sun.

As rain ripples, begins to pool,
it gathers in gutters
along the potting shed
before cascading
in sheets along matted ground.

I sip morning coffee, lukewarm,
cool feet against smooth surfaces of tile,
eyes, not quite alert from rivers of sleep,
ideas, slow-rising from dormancy.
What lies ahead from this infant-of-a-day?

A clock ticks, insists on flicking
immediacy upon the present.
Should I go off to perform rituals,
begin gardening when the sky
clears, check items from a list?

I want only to remain here,
to look out my window—
embrace this small contentment
dwelling in the quiet
before contending
with a less-than-perfect world.